Launching the Female Entrepreneurship Lab at FEBA, Sofia University: Empowering Female Leaders in the Energy Sector

Exciting news from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” has recently been announced! The community has launched their Female Entrepreneurship Lab – a pioneering initiative at the university aimed at driving societal transformation towards a net-zero future. More precisely, it strives to foster an inclusive ecosystem for female students and alumni
from the master’s programs at Sofia University and beyond, focusing on the sustainable energy sector. The lab empowers them to embrace leadership roles and drive positive change in their communities.

The idea of this initiative was inspired by a group of female students enrolled in the master’s program “Energy Markets and Utilities” at FEBA, who expressed a desire to collaborate on a project within the renewable energy sector one year ago. This sparked a discussion on gender awareness within an industry historically dominated by males, igniting a debate on the importance of supporting talented females through training and mentorship opportunities. Recent research by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in 2023 revealed that women make up an average of 32% of the global renewable energy workforce, compared to nearly 46% in the overall economy, with significant variations across technologies. Notably, women constitute 40% of full-time positions in the solar PV industry, double the proportions in wind and oil/gas sectors (21% and 22% respectively). However, these roles are often low-paid and non-technical, with many women in administrative positions, and only 17% and below occupying senior management roles. With the growth of the energy transition, there is increasing attention on untapped labour potential, necessitating gender considerations. Therefore, the university academy makes the commitment to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and opportunities between successful female entrepreneurs and aspiring starting professionals that have the ambition to grow, while also encouraging more entrepreneurial initiatives in the energy sector with active female participation.

To accomplish this goal, the Female Entrepreneurship Lab envisages a series of empowerment workshops under the overarching theme “Talks on Female Leadership in the Energy Sector” featuring a spectrum of esteemed female professionals and influential leaders in the energy sector. The public lectures are held on site at FEBA, Sofia University. The first workshop was organized in the end of March, during which both young women and men in the audience were captivated by Boyana Achovski’s inspiring lecture on the leadership skills that contribute to a successful career in the energy sector.

Welcoming Boyana Achovski, the most influential female leader in energy in CEE for 2023, at FEBA, Sofia
University. She presented the topic “Empowering Tomorrow: Women Leading the Charge in Energy Transition”
on March 28th, 2024.

Further details regarding the planned public events of Female Entrepreneurship Lab for 2024 are provided in the table below:

MonthTopicShort description
Female leadership
Empowering Tomorrow: Women Leading the Chaxarge in Energy TransitionThe session focuses on outlining essential
leadership skills for women in the energy
sector. Participants will explore strategies for
visionary leadership, decision-making, and
team building, emphasizing the role of
leadership in driving positive change and
innovation within the industry.
Building alliances
Empowering Around: Community Building Skills for Female EntrepreneursThe workshop is dedicated to developing skills
crucial for cultivating and sustaining
communities within the energy
entrepreneurship space. It will delve into
community engagement, networking, and the
importance of fostering connections with like-
minded individuals. Participants will gain
insights into establishment and management
of energy community projects.
Empowering Beyond: Innovation in Female-led Energy VenturesDedicated to exploring innovation in the
context of female entrepreneurship in the
energy sector, this workshop will delve deep
into technological advancements, creative
problem-solving, and business model
innovation. The session aims to inspire and
equip women entrepreneurs with the tools
needed to drive innovation in the rapidly
evolving energy landscape.
Empowering Horizons: Navigating Business Challenges with ResilienceThe lecture will focus on exploring practical
strategies and empowering insights aimed at
overcoming challenges, fostering growth, and
thriving in the dynamic world of business. It
will delve into the essential skills and mindset
necessary to overcome obstacles and keep
trying new business ideas despite initial
Join the platform of the Female Entrepreneurship Lab to stay tuned for the valuable and practical initiatives planned for the coming months: For additional questions, you can contact Lyubimka Georgieva, Research Assistant in Citizens Energy, e-mail:

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