The launch of the Net-Zero Lab announced at the 8th

During the 8th Just Transition Conference in Brussels on October 25th, 2023, Chief Assistant Professor Dr. Mariya Trifonova announced the establishment of the Net-Zero Lab by the Department of Industrial Economics and Management at Sofia University’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Addressing the panel discussion titled “Universities as Key Actors of Just Transition at Regional Level,” Dr. Trifonova emphasized the pivotal role of universities in regional just transition efforts. She highlighted FEBA’s growing partnerships with businesses and its focus on the socio-economic aspects of technologies for industrial and energy decarbonization.

Dr. Trifonova underscored the lab’s mission to create an ecosystem driving the transition, supported by robust regulatory and governance mechanisms to reduce uncertainty. The initiative aims to leverage financial instruments to achieve climate neutrality, aligning with the objectives of the Just Transition Mechanism and Fund.

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